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Amy Breedlove

Amy’s mission is to inspire the potential within children while infusing as much joy and fun as she can! 

Her background includes training as an ABA behaviorist, but her true passion lies in working with twice-exceptional children, many of whom have been diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, or anxiety. She has provided one-on-one support as a therapeutic companion in both public and private school districts and continues to contribute to group activities aimed at enhancing children’s social and emotional skills. 

Amy’s success with children is rooted in her innate kindness, empathy and strong listening skills. She brings a positive energy and a light-hearted approach, allowing her to establish meaningful connections that create a safe space for children. Amy ensures children feel acknowledged, heard, understood, and, most importantly, that their unique needs are met. She has a deep appreciation for children’s personalities and individuality, and is excited to witness the greatness each child brings into this world.

On the weekends, you’ll often find her in the kitchen, experimenting with various ingredients while sharing laugher with friends. She cherishes those moments of silliness as well as engaging in deep conversations about the universe and anything under the sun.

Amy absolutely loves being a part of the Preuss & Associates team! It’s not just a workplace; it’s where she truly thrives, feels a sense of belonging, and is wholeheartedly embraced for who she is. This environment has provided Amy with priceless opportunities for personal growth and professional development. The remarkable women she works alongside, as well as these beautiful kids have all become her greatest teachers, and she looks forward to more magic ahead.